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Up and Over Garage Doors in Scotland

Buy Up and Over Garage Doors from SD Garage Doors!

Retractable up and over garage doors are one-piece overhead doors that swing out and up when opened, coming to rest completely inside the garage. This arrangement makes the door more robust and allows for a gentler opening and closing action. Up and over garage doors continue to grow in popularity because they are specifically designed to be easily converted into an automatic opener or remote-control electric operation. With these types of garage doors, no cables are used during the lifting process. Instead, tracks are suspended from the ceiling with springs on each side to balance the door and allow easy manual lifting.

Retractable doors offer a retractable gear that provides additional lifting power and allows its large arms and springs to cope with an up and over garage door as large as 5 meters in width and 2.6 meters in height. All double-size retractable up and over garage doors as well as single doors over 8 feet wide will be supplied with retractable operating gear as well as heftier timber, steel, or fiberglass (GRP) door panels.

Canopy Up and Over Garage Doors

Additionally, canopy up and over garage doors are similar in design to retractable doors, but are lighter and do not require as much room to swing open. Unlike retractable garage doors, canopy doors do not retract all the way into the garage, but instead leaves about one-third of the door exposed outside of the house, forming a canopy. This type of single-panelled garage door uses vertical tracks on each side of the door frame to flip open and provide a bit of extra shelter beyond the garage.  Canopy up and over garage doors may be a better option for those who prefer manual operation, are accustomed to keeping cars in the driveway, or are looking for a secure and cost-effective door similar to a retractable.

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