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Electric & automatic garage doors

Most garage doors can be converted to electric/ automatic/remote control of some sort, Retractable garage doors are very popular and can use even the basic models we supply with our 2 year manufacturers warranty to the higher end models that have a 5 year warranty.

Our range of automatic openers have safety features built in giving peace of mind when you have little children about or pets. Safety features include pressure sensitive systems to prevent damage or injury even when this is fitted to your existing door this can still be done.

If a door fails to open or breaks down we fit a emergency release system that overrides all automatic openers and can use the door manually until the problem is resolved.

A new remote controlled garage door is always thought to be more of a luxury than a convenience. With a new remote control garage door having access with the push of a button can make life so much easier especially if you are disabled or have difficulty lifting or opening your garage door.

Having a garage door that is close to a busy road can be so beneficial when driving up to your garage you can simply press a button without stepping out of your car, saving time and eliminating any danger of speeding traffic on a busy road.

Our remote control systems have a ability to lock the garage using the existing locking system with a delatching kit. Extremely beneficial where security is an issue.

Our sectional door can be ordered without a lock handle to maximise style and design also give added security with lock handle present it deters the unlawful.

All our openers will come with 2 remote controls as standard, additional remote controls can be added on request.

Our fitting is guaranteed for 5 years and we offer yearly servicing for peace of mind and also to validate your manufacturers warranty a service has to be done.

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