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Buy Your Insulated Garage Doors from SD Garage Doors!

At SD Garage Doors we can help you find an insulated garage door that’s right for you and your property. From a range of designs, sizes, styles and materials from leading garage door manufacturers, we are a trusted supplier and installer of garage doors across Scotland.

There are many benefits to buying an insulated garage door. Adding this feature could significantly increase the efficiency of your home and your property’s curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for a particular size, material, or design, our wide range of insulated garage doors offer something for every taste, preference and requirement. Providing a range of brilliant benefits for you and your home, insulated garage doors are the perfect choice for your garage.

Insulated Garage Doors Save Energy

Don’t let your garage door impact your property’s overall energy efficiency! Buying an insulated garage will help you monitor the temperature within the space and reduce the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your home. When your heater doesn’t need to work as hard to warm the various areas of your home, you inevitably save money on your energy costs. It’s as simple as that!

A More Durable Option

Another benefit of insulated garage doors is their durability. The insulated doors in today’s market are typically built with a steel or aluminum frame that is filled with solid-core insulation. This insulation is then inserted between either single or dual sheet panels that create a protective barrier of energy efficiency. With more durability comes less need for routine maintenance, saving you even more money!

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Added Bonuses of Insulated Garage Doors

While the money-saving options surrounding insulated garage doors may be evident, there are also some not-so-obvious reasons people who buy these doors say they’ll never go back to un-insulated models. For example:

Insulated Garage Doors are Quieter

This is a feature that many don’t know is important until they make the switch! Insulation is a bit heavier, providing your garage door with less rattle and more of a sturdy design that works to mute most of the system’s jolty vibrations.

Insulated Garage Doors Help to Protect your Belongings

Extreme temperatures can have a significant effect on your car and other belongings. Insulation works to keep temperatures moderate, which is especially crucial during the freezing weather months, since the colder the temperature, the less likely your car will be able to run at maximum performance. Extreme temperatures can also have adverse effects on the supplies you store in your garage, such as paint, fertilizers, oils, and cleaning supplies.

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